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 Baseball for All

Keeping young minds engaged in the hope of a brighter future....


​Just one statement, however you want to word it, that can mean so much!


This project was officially launched in February, 2013.  OLA and it's team were very thankful to have sports as part of their regular school curriculum.  Without the ability to engange in team sports, our founder just may not have done as well as she did during her own school years!  We knew that sports would engage 'at risk youth' and give them a chance to really grow into confident young adults.  North America has known this concept for generations and continues to engage at risk youth in a variety of team sports.  Countless companies in North America support charitable causes supporting sport as a vehicle to changing ones' life - why could we not do the same for these young men who needed committment and direction from someone they trusted here in the Dominican Republic!


Choosing Baseball as our sport of choice was not difficult.  Being it the national sport of the Dominican, we quickly recognized a coach/club leader who could help OLA on the ground.  David has been coaching young boys in the 'art' of baseball for the past 20 years.  

Heather first met David at the resort where she frequently stayed.  David was a senior bellman at the hotel.  It was in his later tenure with the hotel when David started teaching young boys how to play baseball in his spare time.  He relied on donations of balls, mitts and bats from regular visitors he had come to know.  Unfortunately, the hotel where David worked closed 6 years ago and his supply of items to keep this selfless program running was very slim.

When OLA thinks of creating a project to support an idea, we always ask ourselves 'how' is this going to alleviate poverty?  What structure is needed to ensure that the recipients will have a tangible benefit to their future and current situation?  Are these boys just playing baseball or are they part of a bigger intention?

Knowing that this program would be a great success, OLA committed itself to ensuring that this baseball program be part of a  larger intention!  By first providing items through shipping containers of used/donated equipment, we also knew that formal education had to play at part in the structure.  All boys who play with us must be in school.  With the launch of our Clubhouse in 2015, the boys are now able to participate in FREE english classes.  To excel well as an adult in this country, english as a second language is paramount.  Our Clubhouse is also open in the evening hours to allow those who wish to come in and play some video games, board games or have our supervisor help them with homework can do so!  All activities are supervised and well organized.  We learn to share, encourage each other, respect each other and our turn and learn how to use words to help someone while showing with patience.  Taking what the boys learn on the field into everyday life.  


If this program interests you please follow our sponsorship tab or contact us for more information.  If it be helping on the field or within our Clubhouse, we would love to have you join us!

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