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Sponsorship = Changing Lives!

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For many, giving of our time to show our support is not realistic.  You want to do something...and something you can.  Direct sponsorship of a program can be just as rewarding.  The feeling of 'helping' from a distance can be just as impactful to the cause and to your own emotional being. Your sponsorship will help dramatically and we offer regular updates to show how your sponsorship is working.

​Sponsor our Mobile Meal Program
​Sponsor our Beauty of Baseball Boys

We are all passionate about different things.  It may be because it recalls happier moments within our own lives.  Where ever your passion lies when it comes to sponsorship, please feel assured that your dollars will be used wisely!

Continual support of our two projects is an ongoing endeavour.  To sustain what we already have in place while building our sights on being able to reach more people through the programs. 

In sponsoring a particular program, you will have the option of receiving updates of how your money was directly spent.

* if you have not read about our programs please do so under our 'program' tag above.

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