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Well, where to start..!!  It's been a fantastic journey so far and I thank you for taking the time to peruse this website. You possibly may be making a decision to add a positive chapter within your own journey and I hope you may find it here!

I first came to the Dominican Republic when I was 21 on a holiday with some friends.  As many of the visitors here, I fell in love with the culture, the beauty and mostly the people.  I found myself returning every year.  As I became more familiar with the country, I also became familiar with it's problems.  These problems always occupied a conscious part of my brain where I knew one day, when the time was right, I'd have the opportunity to 'lend a hand' and possibly help to give hope and inspiration to those so much less fortunate than I and most North Americans.

Shortly after my 43rd birthday, I realized that having a family of my own was not a blessing for me and perhaps all along, He intended that I give my efforts of hope, love and encouragement to other children within this world.  So was born OLA Childrens Project in April 2010.  It made sense to focus my attention within the Dominican Republic.

I am thankful for the past 26 years of business experience within the Canadian corporate world, which has prepared me to logically and patiently approach the progams that OLA executes.  The most important skill that I learned was how to take an issue/problem and make it into a positive experience or end result.  By taking some of the problems/issues that children face everyday within the Dominican, OLA is working hard to turn these into positives that they can take with them on their journey.

HOPE and LOVE endures all.  I wish you all the best on your life's journey and perhaps we may meet while you join us in one of our projects.


Heather Lennie

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