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Volunteer and Change your life!!

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Volunteering can prove to be one of the most rewarding experiences in a lifetime!  Time and time again, volunteeers recount their experiences as being 'life changing'!  As an individual volunteer you can design your experience to be a travel experience as well.  Engross yourself on a daily basis with our programs or volunteer for a few days a week and explore the culture and beautiful sand beaches on your free time.  


Would you like to have a different kind of family vacation with your children? One of the most popular types of family vacationing these days is to incorporate some type of volunteer experience.  This experience can be tailored to you.  Volunteer for one or two days and vacation the rest.  Our partner hotel is available or stay at another hotel within the Puerto Plata area and we can arrange to pick you up.  Be it the whole family or just one member, a half day or full day, we guarantee to give you a postiive experience.  *children must be 12+


Where the 'true' roots of philanthropy lie, missioning and missionaries have travelled the world giving hope, helping the poor and sick and showing how we are all children of God.  If your church group would like to impact children in need of love, inspiration and hope, OLA can organize a week or more within it's own projects.  Contact us and we can send further ideas on how we can tailor a great experience!


Students definitely welcome!!  YOU ARE the generation who has grown up with awareness of other children around the world that need help.  The Me to We and Save the Children organizations have done wonders to impower in YOU that 'YOU ARE THE CHANGE'!  Simply, you are!  The energy that young people bring to the volunteer experience is like no other.  If you are a senior High School group or Post Secondary group, we look forward to having you.  Some school programs recognize extended stay volunteering toward credits.

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