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Mobile Meals for Kids

Introducing our incredible Mobile Team!

Mobile Meals for Kids is the first program that OLA Childrens Project created.  With the help of friends in the barrio of Villa Progresso, a very low income neighbourhood where Ada raised her children, we were introduced to other areas within the city and outskirts that desperately needed some nutritional help.


With the leadership of Ada (right), we have come to have 2 fantastic cooks join our team, Josee and Lady (middle to left).  These 3 women cook and prepare our meals for travel and come too to help organize the site once there and distribute the meal.  


Once at the designated site we quickly set up and happily organize the kids that have come running once they see our vehicles!  As our focus is on child nutrition and combating hunger and disease through sustainable meals, we are not limited to also helping the elderly in the barrio and then the adults.  To benefit all in the barrio we believe in the adage that 'it takes a village to raise a child' - and so, a healthy community can raise a healthy child.


This program is a favourite among volunteers!  While being able to help participate in cooking a meal, you will also be 'hands on' in the delivery of the meal you have prepared.  Human contact and interaction is how OLA shows that we are here and care.  That we are not going anywhere and lasting trust can be found within ALL of our team!







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